Subjects in English

Expected offer in English for the next course of the Business Administration and Management Degree:

First semester (Autuum):

  • Mathematics I (1st course)
  • Cost Accounting. (2nd course)
  • Statistics and Data Analysis. (2nd course)
  • Marketing management:Introduction (2nd course)

Second semester (Spring):

  • Economic History. (1st course)
  • Mathematics II (1st course)
  • Marketing management: Policies. (2nd course)
  • Finance Mangement:Financing (2nd course)

If you're willing to study in English, our offer is more limited but you can ask for the expected offer on the next year in this language to the Erasmus Coordinator ( because we are trying to improve our offer year by year.


EFC (English Friendly Courses):

The EFC are subjects of the Degree that, being taught in Spanish, offer (to international incoming students) each and every one of the following resources in English (if they wish):

- Summary of the teaching guide of the subject.
- Possibility of carrying out the key tasks of the subject in that language.
- Exams.
- List of recommended readings.
- Tutorials.


For the next academic course the following subjects are offered as EFC:

  • Introduction to Accounting (1st course – 1st semester)
  • International Financial Management (4th course - 1st semester)

We hope to offer more EFC subjects in future academic courses.


Other information:

In both semesters you can also follow a 6 ECTS course of "spanish for foreigners" and a course of "basque for foreigners", and before the beginning of the first semester, you can find an intensive course of Spanish for foreigners that has only 4 credits.
The courses of languages ​​are not in the Faculty, but the Campus has not big distances.

For more information about these courses:


And, at last, you can also find some courses of languages, translation and so on at the Faculty of Arts of our Campus; you can follow them if you have, for example, the enough level of English. This offer and any other subject offered in our Campus (Álava Campus, located on Vitoria-Gasteiz) may be accessible if you ask for it (if they have seats and if the timetable makes it possible).

Here you have all the subjects in English of other Faculties of our Campus that you can follow from the second page on. In the first one, you have the subjects of our Faculty in Vitoria-Gasteiz.