A simulation environment in Matlab for Linked Muticomponent Robotic Systems (LMRS)

The simulation environment has been written in Matlab. Inital works were done by Zelmar Echegoyen during his PhD work. Improvements and final package including a GUI were produced by Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede. The package can be dowloaded HERE.

If you make use of it, please acknowledge the following publications:

Borja Fernandez-Gauna, Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede, Ekaitz Zulueta, Manuel Graña
Learning hose transport control with Q-learning
Neural Network World (in press) 2010
Z. Echegoyen, I. Villaverde, R. Moreno, M. Graña, A. d’Anjou
Linked Multi-Component Mobile Robots: modeling, simulation and control
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 58(12) : 1292-1305 (2010)