Elena Inarra
   Professor of Economics

   Faculty of Economics
   University of the Basque Country

   Avda. L. Agirre 83, 48015 
Bilbao, Spain 

   Phone: +34 94 601 3777
   E-mail: elena.inarra@ehu.es


   TOPIC OF INTEREST: Game theory and applications



The Supercore for Normal Form Games
(With C Larrea and A Saracho) Journal of Economic Theory, 2007, 32: 530-538

A Characterization of Path Dependent Modes of Behavior
(With C Larrea) Mathematical Social Sciences, 2007, 54: 128-136

Random Paths to P-stability in the Roommate Problem
(With C Larrea and E Molis) International Journal of Game Theory, 2008, 36: 261-271

Deriving Nash Equilibria as the Supercore of a Relational System
(With C Larrea and A Saracho) Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2010, 46: 141-147

Artificial Distinction and Real Discrimination
(With A Laruelle) Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2012, 305: 110-117

Absorbing Sets in Roommate Problems
(With C Larrea and E Molis) Games and Economic Behavior, 2013, 165-178

The von Neumann-Morgenstern Stable Sets for the mixed extension of 2x2 Games
(With C Larrea and A Saracho) Economics Letters, 2014, 70-73

Games with Perception
(With A Laruelle and P Zuazo-Garin) Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 2015, 58-65

A New Solution for the Roommate Problem: Q-stable Matchings
(With P Biró and E Molis) Mathematical Social Sciences, 2016, 74-82

The Reverse Talmud Family of Rules for Bankruptcy  Problems: A Characterization
(With J Arin and J Benito) Mathematical Social Sciences, 2017, 74-82

 Rationing Rules and Stable Coalition Structures
(With O Gallo)  Theoretical Economics, forthcoming.



Absorbing Sets in Coalitional Systems
(With J Kuipers and N Olaizola)
Biltoki DT 01, 2002


LINKS to my PhD students:
Oihane Gallo
Ana Mauleon
Javier Arin
Elena Molis
Peio Zuazo Garin