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Quote for the week. January 2017

Protagoras was one of the tribe called Sophists -the first European inventors of logical puzzles. He didn't believe there was any such thing as false opinion -anything anyone thinks is true, it's like perception, it's how things appear to him. The Sophists invented an argument that there can't be false thinking: 'He who thinks what is false thinks what is not; but what is not isn't anything; so he who thinks what is false isn't thinking anything, but if he isn't thinking anything, he isn't thinking.' Plato tried to solve the problem by saying that one who thinks what is not is thinking something different from what is, and so, after all, is thinking. This doesn't work unless, explaining 'not so' as 'different from so' I also insist that 'different from so' implies 'not so'. Otherwise, things might be both so and different from so.
G.E.M. Anscombe, Truth, Sense and Assertion. [1987, 1990] (2015)


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