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Gorka FIEL 

Gorka Fiel received his MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of the Basque Country, Spain, in 2007. During the last year of his graduate formation he studied in École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne, France, and worked as a satellite communications researcher in the French space agency (CNES). He worked at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications of the University of the Basque Country as a broadcast technology researcher, while he pursued his postgraduate studies in mobile technologies.

His interests were focused on several aspects of network planning for digital wireless services.

Specifically, he worked to deliver a report to the ITU-R workgroups (through the DRM consortium) that will be the basis for future 26MHz related decissions, recommendations and other documents that will be produced by the ITU. Its contents will be a compendium of all the currently available results of studies, measurement campaigns and simulations for this particular band, including: network characteristics, propagation phenomena, system performance and thresholds, coverage aspects and potential interference sources. Suitability of present recommendations for system planning will also be analyzed.