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Maitane BLANCO 

MSc. Director: Pablo Angueira

Finish Date: November 2009 


MSc. Thesis Title

Study of methodology on the planning of DVB-T2`s networks 


MSc. Thesis Description

This project presents the first planning parameters and procedures that should be taken into account when planning future television services to fixed and mobile receivers, using the standard DVB-T2.

The modes of configuration are calculated once the possible scenes to study are defined: first and second ones with services for fixed reception and the third one with services for mobile receivers. The necessary bitrates associated to each service scenario are presented and a set of DVB-T2 candidate modes are proposed.

In addition, the possible architectures of network are studied, so national, regional and local network schemes are described establishing the differences between DVB-T2 and its predecessor, DVB-T. Also, the link budget is calculated according to the reception mode and considering also the field strength estimation algorithm choice.

Finally, a first approach to the calculation of the minimum required protection ratio values is also provided in this project.