Dept. of Linguistics and Basque Studies
Faculty of Arts – Psycholinguistics Laboratory
University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)

Anna Hatzidaki studied in Corfu (B.A. in Translation Studies and M.A. in Translation Theory & Didactics) and Edinburgh (MSc and Ph.D in Psycholinguistics). She continued with postdoctoral studies in Psycholinguistics at Universities in Aberdeen, Ghent, and Barcelona. Her research interests involve psycholinguistic issues addressed by means of experimental methods and techniques. She is particularly interested in language production in bilingual speakers and language interaction at the syntactic level, code-switching, emotional language processing, foreign accent effects, linguistic relativity, cognitive processes in translation and interpreting, and language processing in dyslexic individuals. Her publications include book chapters and articles in international peer-reviewed journals, such as Bilingualism: Language and CognitionLanguage, Cognition and NeuroscienceFrontiers in Psychology: Language SciencesCognitionCognitive PsychologyApplied PsycholinguisticsDyslexia, and Meta.

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Research interests

  1. One of my main areas of research interests lies in the mechanisms that underlie sentence processing in bilinguals and the interaction of the divergent syntactic properties of bilinguals’ language systems during language production (including code-switching).
  2. A second area of my research focus is how language is represented in the bilingual mind and how it may interact with thought.
  3. I am also interested in the underlying processes and psycholinguistic factors that lead to translation production, as well as how form, meaning and context contribute to the translation process.
  4. The relationship between language and attention, especially visual and spoken word recognition, is another topic of my research interests.
  5. Language processing deficits in dyslexic individuals is another topic I am interested in.



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Other Relevant Publications

Costa, A. (2018). El cerebro bilingüe. La neurociencia del lenguaje. [Ο δίγλωσσος εγκέφαλοςΗ νευροεπιστήμη της γλώσσας] (A. Hatzidaki, Trans.). Athens: Stafilidis Publications. (Original work published in 2017.)

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