Reverse Engineering

HP 3D Scan
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Grafinta's HP 3D Scan PRO S3. High resolution structured light 3D scanner. It is intended for Reverse Engineering and Inspection tasks.

GO!SCAN and RevScan
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Creaform's GO!SCAN. Structured light 3D scanner orientated to Reverse Engineering. Very versatile. Creaform's REVscan. High resolution laser 3D scanner orientated to tasks of Reverse Engineering and Inspection.

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ATOS Scanner with structured blue light, very high accuracy and 5M resolution. Its system is based on triangulation. It has two cameras, which can obtain surfaces with a spectacular accuracy.

Rapid Prototyping

Dimension Elite
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Dimension Elite of Stratasys creates models in ABS plus. This is a material similar to plastic, very light and resistant. It allows for the creation of highly precise models with long durability.