Reverse Engineering

In the laboratory, we work with small and medium-size pieces, and with a resolution below 0.03 mm. The scanning equipment is portable. The purpose of the Reverse Engineering process can go from a simple digitization to a parametric redesign of the part or to a inspection of the manufactured part.

Obtaining of CAD models

Reverse Engineering is very frequently used to obtain CAD models and planes of products whose CAD files do not exist or have been lost, as well as CAD models of specific elements that can easily become deteriorated.

Re-design of existing products

One of the most interesting applications in Reverse Engineering is the re-design of already existing products in order to improve or update their design.

Work from physical models

Besides, Reverse Engineering allows for the digitalization of manually created models such as scale models or prototypes.

For more information about the equipment and software used to carry out this digitalization and other later processes please visit: Equipment