Guidelines for participating in ehusfera blogs

When you take part in an ehusfera blog, you undertake to comply with the guidelines for the ehusfera blogger community and to help ensure that others comply with them.

Identification of participants

Identifying oneself correctly fosters a positive discourse and healthy argument.

Abiding by acknowledged fundamental rights

Freedom of expression and diversity of opinion must be defended, but texts and images which are an affront to human dignity must not be permitted.
Criticism is highly important, but it must be constructive. Avoid all comments which may be adjudged as racist or as disrespectful to any minority group.

Respecting authors’ rights

When a paper is quoted, the source must be indicated. Likewise, a link should be included to any blog or website whose contents are quoted.
Individual users must take responsibility for the links to websites and images incorporated into their blogs or comments.
Photographs should not be included or manipulated without the relevant permission from their owner or copyright/copyleft holder.

Objectivity of information

A distinction must be drawn between established facts or events and personal opinions or interpretations.

Accuracy of information

Sources must be checked before information is uploaded. If you are not sure of the accuracy of information, express your doubts rather than publishing it as an established fact.