The five films of the 2021 EUFA have been announced

Based on the lists of 53 feature films and 15 documentaries from the European Film Award Selections 2021, five films were nominated for the 6th European University Film Award.

The five nominated films are:

Greece, Poland, Slovenia
DIRECTED BY Christos Nikou
WRITTEN BY Christos Nikou & Stavros Raptis
PRODUCED BY Iraklis Mavroedis, Nikos Smpiliris, Angelos Venetis, Aris Dagios, Christos Nikou, Mariusz Włodarski, Ales Pavlin & Andrej Stritof

Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway
DIRECTED BY Jonas Poher Rasmussen
WRITTEN BY Jonas Poher Rasmussen & Amin Nawabi
PRODUCED BY Monica Hellström, Signe Byrge Sørensen, Charlotte De La Gournerie, Jean-François Le Corre, Mathieu Courtois, Charlotte Most & Maria Ekerhovd

Austria, Germany
DIRECTED BY Sebastian Meise
WRITTEN BY Thomas Reider & Sebastian Meise
PRODUCED BY Sabine Moser, Oliver Neumann & Benny Drechsel

DIRECTED BY Audrey Diwan
WRITTEN BY Audrey Diwan & Marcia Romano
PRODUCED BY Edouard Weil & Alice Girard

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Netherlands, France, Poland, Norway, Germany, Romania, Turkey
PRODUCED BY Damir Ibrahimović & Clément Chautant

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EUFA award presented in Berlin

EUFA’s first session next Friday (October 27th)

The EUFA free-choice course at University of the Basque Country will open this Friday, October 27th, with the screening of the first film. The session will consist on a presentation by professor Aida Vallejo, a screening of the film, and a discussion afterwards. A student will be elected as representative of our university and will travel to Hamburg to take part in the jury deliberation with students from other 20 European universities.

EUFA selection announced

At the Filmfest Hamburg, the five nominated films for the European University Film Award (EUFA) have been announced. Introduced in 2016, this award is presented by university students from across Europe. Based on the lists of 51 feature films and 15 documentaries from the EFA Selections 2017 a committee consisting of Fabian Gasmia (producer / Germany), Juho Kuosmanen (director / Finland), Elli Mastorou (journalist / Belgium/Greece) and Dagmar Brunow (Linnaeus University / Sweden) has decided on the following nominations:

Heartstone (Iceland, Denmark), by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson.

Home (Belgium), by Fien Troch.

Loveless (Russia, Belgium, Germany, France), by Andrey Zvyagintsev.

The Other Side of Hope (Finland, Germany), by Aki Kaurismäki.

The War Show (Denmark, Syria, Finland), by Andreas Dalsgaard & Obaidah Zytoon.

Source and +info at European Film Academy’s web-site.

Registration open

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