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CFD simulation for the advanced design of nuclear system

November 23rd, 2010

Online webinar

30 de Noviembre de 2010, 14:30 (CET)

This online webinar will highlight the latest applications of computational fluid dynamics in the industry. Nuclear power engineers and scientist will gain greater insight into the benefits of simulation and when to supplement conventional analysis methods with CFD. Presenters will discuss the following applications:

– Reactor design
– Fuel bundle flow/thermal stress
– Cooling systems.
– Near field Ventilation inside housings
– Far field Ventilation outside of buildings
– Fuel reprocessing and storage
– Transportation

Using STAR-CCM+ will demonstrate the benefits of using a complete, integrated simulation environment. The integrated process will show how engineers can model the performance of these systems with unprecedented levels of acuracy. Trainers will also demonstrate problem setup to produce repeatable calculations that follow proper protocols and meet regulatory compliancy standards.

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