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Computing Service 2010 year report

October 7th, 2011


The Computing Service (IZO-SGI) of the UPV/EHU has published the report of the 2010 year.


The complete report in Spanish can be found in the following link

IZO-SGI 2010 year report (pdf)


The IZO-SGI Computing Service at a glance

2009 2010
Computing cores 440 872
Computing cores (Arina) 320 752
Consumed computing hours 2.15 millions 2.25 millions
Mean occupation (Arina) 75.00% 47%¹
Sent jobs (Arina) 38497 65179
<2 minutes jobs² 28377 50624
Mean time bper job³ 75.8 hours 44.4 hours
Queued mean time (Arina)† 5.7 hours 3.8 hours
Active researches 101 98
Active research groups 53 40
New accounts 49 33
Users satisfacction pool 8.9 8.8
Scientific articlesl‡ 44 54
Visits to the web 4925 5957
Viewed pages 58731 40987
Posts in the HPC blog 29
Visits to the HPC blog 1431

Arina Is the name of the main computing cluster of the IZO-SGI.
¹ The use in the 2019 is aparently low because we increased the number of cores from 300 up to 752 at the end of July. In August and September the cluster remained quite empty and this had an important impact on the mean value. In the November the monthly use was again at the 76%.

² The jobs that use less than 2 minutes are normally failed jobs or in any case they have low impact in the cluster.

³ The jobs has not been taken into account. Maybe it is relevant that the new nodes are faster than the old ones.
The jobs are executed through a queue software that organize the jobs and assign the proper resources to each one.
Articles where the IZO-SGI is acknowledged.



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