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Turbomole workshop

The NSCCS will hold a 2 day workshop on TURBOMOLE, a powerful, general purpose Quantum Chemistry program package for ab initio electronic structure calculations from 22nd to 23rd September 2015 at Imperial College London.

Scope of the workshop

This two day workshop will introduce researchers in the field of quantum chemical calculations to TURBOMOLE in general and the graphical user interface, command line usage and special general topics like parallelisation, queuing systems, and other technicalities. On the afternoon of the second day we may discuss a few special topics the participants may choose.

turbomoleList of topics

  • Introduction
  • Using the graphical user interface of TURBOMOLE
  • Command line usage
  • Command line tools
  • Running parallel jobs
  • Special topics requested by participants

 Target audience

Attendees are expected to be graduate students and postdocs as well as young lecturers who have limited experience in quantum chemical calculations and/or TURBOMOLE and would benefit from an introductory workshop.

Important data

Date and place of the workshop: Tuesday 22nd to Wednesday 23rd September 2015 at Imperial College London.

Application deadline: 2pm, Tuesday 1st September 2015

Fee: 60 GBP for Non-UK and Non-Academic attendees.

More information and application

NSCCS this web page.




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