UPV/EHU is one of the European leading institutions partnering with IBM to accelerate quantum computing

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First publication date: 03/07/2019

IBM Q Network includes University of the Basque Country, Aalto University, University of Turku, University of the Basque Country, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, University of Innsbruck, EPFL, Chalmers University of Technology, ETH Zurich, and Saarland University to promote joint research and educational opportunities in quantum computing

IBM announced today at the World Conference of Science Journalists, in Lausanne, the expansion of the IBM Q Network™ in Europe to include additional universities and an international research organization. These institutions are collaborating with IBM QTM to accelerate joint research in quantum computing and develop curricula to help train students for careers that will be influenced by this next era of computing, across science and business.

The IBM Q Network is a global community of forward-thinking companies, academic institutions, startups and research labs working with IBM to advance quantum computing and foster a growing ecosystem. 

As IBM Q Network partners, Aalto University, University of Turku, EPFL, University of the Basque Country and The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory will have direct access to IBM Q Network resources and access to the IBM Q Experience™'s publicly available quantum computing systems for teaching, as well as faculty and student research projects that advance quantum information science and explore early applications.

Thus, through the QUTIS Group, directed by professor Enrique Solano, the University of the Basque Country, a leading university on quantum research in Spain, plans to work with IBM Q to promote the quantum ecosystem in Spain. A series of highly interdisciplinary events such as conferences, hackathons and lectures are being planned for community building and to identify promising new routes towards practical quantum applications.