Prozesu Katalitikoak eta Hondakinen Balioztatzea

Ikerketa Taldea


Converting olefins to propene: Ethene to propene and olefin cracking

Abstract: Demand for propene as a petrochemical building block keeps growing, while its availability has been decreased by the adoption of shale gas resources, among others. Efforts to optimize its production by conventional means (including modified fluid catalytic cracking) and new on-purpose production technologies (including ethene to propene (ETP) and olefin cracking) are being pursued. This work reviews the progress made on olefin conversion processes, including the ETP reaction, which is still under development, and the cracking of butenes and higher olefins (C5–C8). The factors analyzed include the catalytic performance of different zeolite materials and their modifications to increase catalyst stability, yield, and selectivity to propene, as well as the effect of operating conditions, reaction thermodynamics, and mechanisms involved. The work is complemented by a survey of commercial technologies and developments on olefin conversion processes.

DOI: 10.1080/01614940.2018.1432017