Antzemandako QoS

Collaborative Testing Platform for Extensive QoS Experimental Scenarios

Eva Ibarrola, Armando Ferro, Luis Zabala
ITU-T Study Period 2009-2012 Study Group 11 - Contribution. Geneva, Switzerland. June 11-15

<span lang="en">Global interoperability testing, as defined in ITU T Q.3909, leads to complex experiments involving many actors and variables to be controlled. The definition and deployment of these experimental scenarios together with the development of the testing methodology is a major challenge that is essential for studying the impact of new technologies and networks on future society. This contribution proposes a collaborative testing platform (LabQoS) that provides the capability to define and share experimental scenarios and to test results. The platform has been designed to determine, develop and reproduce extensive QoS experimental scenarios and to make them available to researchers or members of standardization organizations in a collaborative environment.</span>