Antzemandako QoS

LabQoS: A platform for network test environments

Luis Zabala, Armando Ferro, Cristina Perfecto, Eva Ibarrola, Jose Luis Jodra
2011 ITU Kaleidoscope Academic Conference Cape Town, South Africa. December 12-14

<span lang="en">This paper proposes the deployment of a network software platform for experimentation called LabQoS that will allow the scientific community to establish scientific experiments relating to measure the performance of applications and services on the Internet and other network environments. Previous experiences have already deployed measurement systems, but they don't incorporate the concept of control of the scenario to enable the performing of experiments. This LabQoS capacity makes it an innovative platform unique in its approach. A module called Test Environment Builder has been designed in order to monitor the operating parameters, and to propose adaptation strategies to handle the scenario control variables. We define an experimental data model that identifies the entities to be considered in the management of the platform. Assessment mechanisms are proposed to study the dynamic sensitivity of the control variables with respect to the parameters. LabQoS is based on QoSMETER architecture that addresses technological aspects such as user management, deployment tools, data collection, reporting, security, etc.</span>