Bilbao Ruiz, Nagore

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Titulua: Telekomunikazio Ingeniaritza
Areagotzea: Telematika
Zentroa: Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea


Masterraren titulua: Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones en Redes Móviles
Zentroa: Master interuniversitario - Universidad del País Vasco
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Impact of the video slice size on the visual quality for H.264 over 3G UMTS services

Jose Oscar Fajardo, Fidel Liberal, Nagore Bilbao
6th International Conference on Broadband Communications, Networks, and System (BROADNETS 2009). Madrid, Spain. September 14-17

The provision of video streaming services over mobile data accesses is emerging as a promising service for the current and future Internet. This paper focuses on the study of H.264- based video contents over a typical 3G UMTS connectivity. The performance of the service is finally determined by the combined effects of the encoding features and the radio access characteristics. Therefore, based on the UMTS channel modeling, this paper tries to find out the optimal encoding configuration that provides the best service performance, in terms of Quality of Experience. In addition to other well-known encoding parameters, such as the source target bitrate, frame rate or resolution, this paper studies the impact of the maximum video slice size as a critical parameter for the performance of the considered service.<\/span>

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