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Personalized Teaching Served by Technology

Luis Antonio López-Nozal, Armando Ferro, José Ramón Otegui, Fernando Andreu
IADAT International Conference on Education (IADAT-e2005)

<p lang="en">Teaching is greatly improved by personal orientation for pupils. The perception of learning problems have differences for each one. We show, in this paper, how technical aids can serve to give personal orientation to pupils to achieve a good comprehension of the professional and technical subjects. Of course there are some general aspects that are explained to every one in the same way. And pupils can learn many of these general aspects by himself or herself, because the information can be found on the internet, or in detailed documents given by the teacher. Nowadays technology can also serve, but it can't replace, personal orientation in professional tasks to each people.</p>

<p lang="en">Biarritz, France. July 7-9, 2005</p>