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A Multiprocessor Architecture for Passive Analysis of Network Traffic Focusing on Complex QoS Strategies

Armando Ferro, Igor Delgado, Fidel Liberal, Alex Muñoz
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IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2005). Seoul, Korea. May 16-20

<span lang="en">Data communication is a widespread service in our society and the need for controlling the information interchange increases. Intending to solve this need, different kind of data capture systems (sensors or probes) have been implemented. The aim of this paper is to present a new architecture that analyses data providing essential information like complex quality of service statistics, intrusion detection, accounting… Nowadays, performance requirements limit the functionalities of sensors. Therefore, we have developed a high performance multiprocessor architecture which can process passively and online the captured packets in different ways. This improvement allows to apply complex QoS algorithms whose implementation is quite difficult if the number of connections to follow is high.</span>

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