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Software Architecture Based on Multiprocessor Platform to Apply Complex Intrusion Detection Techniques

Armando Ferro, Fidel Liberal, Alejandro Muñoz, Igor Delgado, Alfredo Beaumont
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2005 IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Techniques. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. October 11-14

<span lang="en">The importance of security issues in network environments has increased greatly lately. Intrusion Detection Systems play an important role in network security environments. Nevertheless, nowadays, data network speed is so high that performing intrusion detection tasks becomes challenging. This paper presents a software architecture that intends to exploit the parallelism available on up-to-date and future workstations to apply intrusion detection rules in high speed networks. To achieve this, a shared memory multiprocessor system has been developed. The system includes a powerful rule language that adds big flexibility to the system.</span>

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