Trafiko analisia

Traffic Analysis in High-Speed Networks. A Research Line for Designing and Modelling Traffic Monitoring Solutions

Armando Ferro, Luis Zabala, Alberto Pineda, Iker Blanco
2nd Workshop Future Internet, Efficiency in High-Speed Networks (W-FIERRO 2012). Cartagena, Spain. July 19-20

NQaS research group of the UPV/EHU focuses its activity on three main lines: the analysis of quality of service in data networks, the resource management in the distribution of multimedia content over NGN environments and the traffic analysis in high-speed networks using probes. This paper deals with the latter whose objective is to investigate the most efficient way to analyse the traffic in 1/10 Gbps or above networks with a traffic probe and to treat that data flow online. This paper shows the work that the group is developing, firstly, in the design of own software systems (Ksensor, Adviser) which are able to meet the computational needs that traffic analysis requires, secondly, in proposals for migration of certain components and logic to hardware systems based on FPGA in order to improve performance, and finally, in creating mathematical models to estimate the utilization of computational resources depending on the traffic analysis load.