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Call for papers

Monographic issue about Cognition in Music Education: information.

Scope and information about this journal

Ikastorratza. e-journal on Didactics welcomes manuscripts related to educational issues written in Basque, Spanish or English.

Since this journal runs on the Internet, no specific limit is established when it comes to the extension of the manuscripts. Nevertheless, papers for possible publication should range from between 2,000 to 10,000 words. The journal publishes two issues a year.

Regarding the subject areas covered by Ikastorratza. e-journal on Didactics, the strong multidisciplinary spirit that characterizes this publication encourages a broad spectrum of topic and types of manuscripts. Accordingly, research articles, opinion pieces, reviews of books and descriptions of innovative teaching proposals will be welcome. In another development, the proposals may be related to every educational level and area of knowledge.

References should be written as per American Psychological Association.

To submit a proposal

The proposals for possible publication have to be unpublished and must not have been sent to another journal.
The manuscript should be editable by OpenOffice WritterOpenOffice Writer or Microsoft Word format and has to be sent to the following email address:
No spam
The URLs included in the manuscript should function correctly.
The text should be written with 1.5 line spacing and the letter size of 12 points in the font Times New Roman.

Moreover, the name, surname, affiliation and contact details of the authors should be included on the first page of the manuscript.
Abstracts in both English and Spanish or Basque should be at the beginning of the manuscript. They should not exceed 10 lines.

Illustrations, figures and tables should be provided within the manuscript and in their corresponding places.
References should be written in accordance with the above mentioned instructions.
A template to prepare proposals may be downloaded by the following link: DOWNLOAD.

The revision of manuscripts

The Editorial Board establishes as criteria for reviewing manuscripts both the interest of the articles and their possible contribution for the specific educational area; either as a research, focusing on the results and conclusions reported, or as a practical teaching proposal. Additionally, the clarity and preciseness of the writing, and also the relevance of the topic and the references used are significant points when it comes to evaluating the manuscripts.

Ultimately, the Editorial Board in accordance with the opinion conveyed by at least two external reviewers, will take one of the following options:

    To accept the manuscript for publication.

    To propose a revision of the manuscript.

    To reserve the right to refuse publication.

The Editor in chief of IKASTORRATZA. e-journal on Didactics will inform the interested parties of the final decision taken by the Editorial Board.

There is no submission fee for IKASTORRATZA. e-journal on Didactics.
There are no page charges for IKASTORRATZA. e-journal on Didactics.

Ethics Policy

Please consider carefully the ethics policy of Ikastorratza e-journal on Didactics, following this link: DOWNLOAD.