Previous staff

Dr. Silvia Monroy. Area of expertise: temperature and ecosystem functioning of headwater streams.

Naiara López. Area of expertise: effect of biodiversiy loss in stream ecosystem functioning.

Dr. Aingeru Martinez. Area of expertise: litter decomposition.

Dr. Daniel von Schiller. Area of expertise: fluvial biogeochemistry.

Dr. Ibon Aristi. Area of expertise: global change on Meditarrean rivers.

Dr. Jesús Pozo. Area of expertise: dynamics of organic matter.

Dr. Jon Molinero. Area of expertise: dynamics of organic matter, GIS, modelling

Dr. Joseba Santiago. Area of expertise: dynamics of organic matter

Dr. Joserra Díez. Area of expertise: wood in streams, dynamics of organic matter

Dr. Libe Solagaistua. Area of expertise: early warning signals and ecosystem functioning.

Dr. Lorea Flores. Area of expertise: litter decomposition, macroinvertebrates

Dr. Oihana Izagirre. Area of expertise: metabolism, algae

Dr. Santiago Larrañaga. Area of expertise: dynamics of organic matter

Ana Caballero. Master student

Andrea Miguélez. Master student

Anna Giorgi. Master student from the University of Milano-Bicocca

Gorka Oyarzun. Master student from Université de Pau et des Pais del Adour

Liseth Castellanos. Master student

Mikel Sagarduy. Master student

Miren Barrado. Master student

Sandra Padilla. Master student

Unai Txurruka. Master student

Olatz Pereda. PhD student. Area of expertise: water abstraction and ecosystem functioning

Zoe Gauthey. PhD student from INRA

Aitziber Zufiaurre. Undergraduate student

Alberto Soladama. Undergraduate student

Beatriz Barba. Undergraduate student

Edurne Estévez. Undergraduate student

Eneko Aspillaga. Undergraduate student

Fátima Novoa. Undergraduate student

Idoia Altuna. Undergraduate student

Iker Arrillaga. Undergraduate student

Maitane Erdozain. Undergraduate student