What´s PiE

The Research Centre for Experimental Marine Biology and Biotechnology “Plentziako Itsas Estazioa” (PiE-UPV/EHU; Plentzia Marine Station) is an institution without juridical entity created by the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).

The centre is devoted to scientific and technological research; to teaching activities of specialised education (e.g., postgraduate studies and doctorates), and to science dissemination. It might also provide to industry and administration technical advice in the field of its expertise: the interaction between the Ocean, the ecosystem and the human health.

PiE-UPV/EHU is divided into 3 organizational “units” The Environment & Resources EDUCATION Unit, The Ocean & Health RESEARCH Unit and The Marine Biology and Biotechnology EXPERIMENTAL SERVICES Unit.

  • The Environment & Resources Education Unit is a university Seminar that offers specialization courses for high degree technologists and scientists, as well as postgraduate and doctorate formation, both within the UPV/EHU framework and international.
  • The Ocean & Health Research Unit is aimed at knowing and developing tools (biotechnology) for marine ecosystem health assessment (biomarkers, bioassays, biosensors, and biodiversity) and seafood quality and safety assurance, and at exploring marine resources of interest in biomedicine (biotoxins, biodrugs, alternative bioassay models).
  • The Marine Biology and Biotechnology Experimental Services Unit includes facilities of special interest like the PL3 Biosafety Aquarium for experimentation in aquatic pathology and experimental seawater mesocosmos; as well as modern laboratories of Cell and Molecular Biology, Histology, Microbiology, Microscopy, Analytical Chemistry and Multiuse laboratories in which occasional users can set up their own instrumentation to conduct analyses of samples obtained in the experimentation aquaria.

Organizational units

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