Strategic aims

  • To promote research activity in the context of the European Research Area in the field of Experimental Marine Biology and Biotechnology.
  • To contribute to postgraduate education and doctorate formation in the context of the European Higher Education Area in aspects related to the environment, and more particularly to the marine environment.
  • To develop open activities for science dissemination and specific activities addressed to form specialists.


University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) R&D Center that:
  • conducts innovative scientific research of excellence whose paradigm is the study of the health of the marine ecosystems by means of a bio(techno)logical experimental approach,
  • develops (biotechnological) diagnosis tools to analyze and to quantify the health of the marine ecosystems,
  • explores marine resources that contribute to the protection of the human well-being,
  • promotes internationalization by means of networking and attracting junior (PhD candidates) and senior (Ikerbasque, EU-People) researchers,
  • offers high level postgraduate and doctorate formation and specialization and continuous formation, and offers environmental programs of spreading, awareness and education.


R&D and Higher Education Center:
  • leader at European and world-wide scale, recognized by the excellence of its research in the field of ecosystem health science, the quality of the diagnosis tools of developed and applied to assess ocean health, and its contribution to the exploration of marine resources with applications in biomedicine;
  • of reference for international institutions and networks, and for talented senior and junior (e.g., doctoral candidates) researchers; and
  • recognized within the European Higher Education Area as an excellence center as regards postgraduate, doctoral and of specialist education, of science dissemination and environmental awareness.