Medical insurance for international visitors

The University of the Basque Country requests all international visitors on exchange programs to be covered by a Travel Assistance Insurance.

This insurance MUST include the following BASIC COVERAGE:

-Transport and/or repatriation to home country in case of accident or illness of insured person  
-Repatriation of the deceased insured

It is recommended that insurance covers too (or the student takes out an insurance) for Civil liability.
Proof of this insurance will be handed out at the Faculty or School at registration.


EU VISITORS: The Basque Public Healthcare System usually covers European citizens holding their EUROPEAN HEALTHCARD (EHIC or E128) previously obtained in their home country.

HEALTH COVERAGE AGREEMENTS: Spain has passed Health Care agreements with a number of countries (Andorra, Brazil , Chile, Ecuador , Panama , Paraguay , Peru , Sweden, Morocco...). We recommend you get further details at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate, to know how to access this coverage.

OTHER NATIONALITIES: If no agreement exists with your home country, you will need to purchase a medical insurance according to the European and Spanish laws IN FORCE THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTIRE VISIT.

For further details, feel free to contact our Help Centres

-INSURANCE ATTESTATION (to hand out at your faculty/school upon registration)