Previous conferences

1st: 2010 – European Visions. Small Cinemas in Transition, Department of Film Studies UWO, London, Ontario, June 29-July 2.

2nd: 2011 – Small Cinemas: Small, Smaller, Smallest, The State University of New York at Oswego, September 16-18.

3rd: 2012 – Small Cinemas: Promotion & Reception, Timisoara, Romania, June 1-3.

4th: 2013 – Small Cinemas. Crossing Borders, Florianopolis, Brazil, September 4-6.

5th: 2014 – Crisis in Film and Visual Media, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania, September 19-20.

6th: 2015 – Filming Locations. The Fabric of Culture, Myth & Identity. Valletta, Malta. September 24-26.

7th: 2016 – Conflict and Controversy: the divisive areas in contemporary societies and the ways in which they are presented in small cinemas today. Krakow, Poland. September 28-29.


8th: 2017 – Diversity in Glocal Cinemas: Language, Culture, Identity. Bilbao/San Sebastián, Basque Country. September 20-21.