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Our Museum of the History of Medicine (MHM) encompasses a rich collection of medical and scientfic objects from the 19th and 20th century; that were used by doctors, hospitals and other institutions in the Basque Country. Most of the objects displayed come from France, Germany and other European countries. The more than 6.000 pieces stored and exhibited belong to all medical and other scientific disciplines.

In addition, the Museum has a vast library that includes a collection of 19th and 20th century books. We highlight the historical library of the Basurto Hospital and several encyclopedic dictionaries from the 20th century, such as the Dictionnaire encyclopédique des sciences médicales by Dechambre (100 volumes) and the Diccionario de Ciencias Médicas published in 1821 (38 volumes).

Apart from safeguarding our scientific heritage, the Museum —as part of the university— has a research and teaching mission. On the research side, it aims to unite the global vision of issues such as the history of disease, geophysics or meteorology, with an interest for local reality in different sanitary and scientific aspects. As far as teaching is concerned, classes and practicals of different subjects from degrees related to health sciences are given at the Seminar Room. In addition to placing its contents at the disposal of historians of medicine and science in general, the Museum aims to spread knowledge among the public in general.

Together with its Permanent Exhibition, the Museum displays Temporary Exhibitions of different topics, and collaborates with other exhibitions or national events.

The Museum was founded in 1982 by José Luis Goti (1923-1998), and published, during its thirty years of existence, fifty books.


             Basque Museum of the History of Medicine
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             Director: Anton Erkoreka