Calzada, Igor

(Department of Contemporary History, Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences)

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Since 2021, Principal Research Fellow / Reader at Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences ( and currently Honorary Principal Research Fellow / Reader and Research Affiliate at Cardiff University and WISERD (Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data) (UK) ( He has been leading the research programme ‘New Emerging Citizenship Regimes’ funded by the ESRC (

In 2022, he was awarded Fulbright Scholar by US-UK Fulbright Commission ( and in 2023 by the Learned Society of Wales ( He has been Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford, Future of Cities and Urban Transformations ESRC Programmes for a decade (2011-21) (, Senior Scientist at the European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre (Italy) ( and Senior Adviser, United Nations, People-Centered Smart Cities (USA) (

Since July 2023, Ikerbasque Research Fellow ( / Senior Researcher / PI / Associate Professor at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) Faculty of Social Sciences & Communication, Department of Contemporary History, Biography & Parliament consolidated research group (Level A) ( He has launched a new research line entitled: ‘Digital, Urban, and Political Transformations: AI-Powered Emancipatory Digital Citizenship Regimes (Through Datafied States and Data Co-operatives)’ (

His research intersects digital, urban, and digital transformations from a transdisciplinary sociological perspective by conducting fieldwork action research. Particularly, his main research interest draws on how datafication processes driven by AI disruptions are altering democratic conditions of data governance in (nation-)states through the emergence of new emancipatory digital citizenship regimes in cities and regions.


• Emerald, 2022: Emerging Digital Citizenship Regimes: Postpandemic Technopolitical Democracies (

• Elsevier, 2021: Smart City Citizenship (


Dr Calzada has been developing his international academic career pathway over the last two decades as follows: (i) 2021-23 (UK), Principal Research Fellow/Reader, Cardiff University; (ii) 2022-23 (USA), Fulbright Scholar, California State University (; (iii) 2020-22 (USA), Senior Adviser, United Nations, UN-Habitat People-Centered Smart Cities Programme; (iv) 2019-20 (Italy), Senior Scientist, European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre (JRC), Digital Economy Unit and Centre for Advanced Studies; (v) 2016-18 (Belgium), Senior Fellow, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Centre for Urban Studies; (vi) 2012-21 (UK), Senior Researcher, University of Oxford, Future of Cities & Urban Transformations ESRC programmes through EC-H2020; (vii) 2015-19 (UK), Lecturer, MSc in Global Sustainable Cities, University of Strathclyde; (viii) 2014-15 (UK), Lecturer, Sociology & Policy, Aston University; (ix) 2008-09 (USA), Associate Researcher, University of Nevada, Reno – Centre for Basque Studies (UNR-CBS); and (x) 2002-12 (Spain), Senior Researcher/Lecturer, University of Mondragon, Business Faculty.


Predoctoral stays (4): (i) Mondragon University (2002-12, Spain), (ii) NUI Galway (2003, Ireland), (iii) University of Helsinki (2004, Finland) and (iv) UNR-CBS (2008-09, USA).

Postdoctoral stays (11): (i) University of Oxford, Future of Cities and Urban Transformations ESRC programmes (2012-21, UK), (ii) Malmö University (2013, Sweden), (iii) University of Iceland (2013, Iceland), (iv) University of Deusto – Orkestra (2014, Spain), (v) Aston University (2014-15, UK), (vi) University of Strathclyde (2015-19, UK), (vii) Vrije Universiteit Brussels (2016-18, Belgium), (viii) European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre, Digital Economy Unit and Centre for Advanced Studies (2019-20, Italy), (ix) United Nations (2020, USA), (x) Cardiff University (2021-23, UK), and (xi) California State University (2022-23, USA).


Google Scholar: 3.521 citations, h-index 26, and i10-index 50. Track-Record of Publications in English (314): 58 peer-reviewed academic journal articles; 12 books; 25 book chapters; 28 policy reports; 33 media dissemination articles; and 159 invited international keynotes, lectures, and talks. He has been PI in 55 international competitive projects and 26 research contracts.


Since 2005, he has been Senior Lecturer in transdisciplinary Social Sciences in English in 40 modules (22 postgraduate modules and 18 graduate modules) of 13 international universities: (i) California State University (, (ii) University of the Basque Country (, (iii) University of Oxford (, (iv) University of Strathclyde (, (v) Vrije Universiteit Brussel, (vi) University of Malmö, (vii) University of Iceland, (viii) Kaos Pilot, (ix) University of Mondragon (, (x) Aston University (, (xi) Helsinki University, (xii) NUI Galway, and (xiii) University of Nevada – Reno.


Cogent Social Sciences (; Citizenship Studies; Frontier in Political Science (; Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy (; Urban Planning (; SN Applied Sciences (; Smart Cities (; Territories (


UK, Estonia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland, and USA. Evaluator/Colaborator (3): European Commission and Agencia Estatal de Investigación. Journal Reviewer (47): Among others, Urban Studies, Regional Studies, Big Data & Society, New Media & Society, Territory Politics Governance, etc.


(i) Director of Research & Coordination in the Basque Government (Spain) (2009-2010); (ii) Project Director at the Mondragon Co-operative Corporation research centre in innovation for a decade (Spain) (2002-2012); (iii) Deputy Director at the automotive SMEs (Spain) (1999-2001); and (iv) In addition, while his postdoctoral period (2012-2014), he set up an academic entrepreneurial spin-off called Translokal SL and was the Co-Founder and Director for the entire period of activity: 2014-2019 (


(i) Degree in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Deusto (1997), (ii) MBA (Master in Business Administration) from the University of Deusto (1999), (iii) Diploma de Estudios Avanzados from the University of Helsinki and Deusto (2006), and (iv) PhD ‘Cum Laude’ in Business Administration/Social Innovation (2011) from the University of Mondragon. Dissertation at the University of Nevada, Reno – Centre for Basque Studies (UNR-CBS) (2008-2009). Thesis: Towards the Basque City-Region (Euskal Hiria)? From the Social Innovation Perspective published by Presidency of the Basque Government in Open Access (