Preregistration open for university Master’s degrees at the UPV/EHU

About one hundred degrees to enable you to further your specialist training

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First publication date: 07/04/2020


The preregistration period is now open for university Master’s degrees at the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country for the 2020-21 academic year.  So between 30 March and 22 May anyone interested in doing a Master’s during the forthcoming academic year will be able to put their names down via the online preregistration.

The offer of university Master’s degrees at the UPV/EHU for the forthcoming academic year comprises 102 degrees and covers all fields of knowledge (Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, Social and Legal Sciences, and Arts and Humanities).

The UPV/EHU is offering training at public rates and at the highest level given by highly competent lecturers and specialised professionals who have the backing of the official Basque, State and European quality agencies. A considerable number of inter-university, international Master’s degrees and eight Erasmus Mundus Master’s degrees are available in the postgraduate offer. The UPV/EHU is in fact one of the universities in Spain that is offering the most Master’s degrees with this European Union seal of quality.

Attention should be drawn to the setting up of four new degrees: Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Language and Communication Technologies, Engineering and Environmental Management, and Teacher Training in Compulsory Secondary Education and Sixth Form, Vocational Training and Language Teaching (online).

Even though this offer enables Basque students to acquire a high degree of expertise close to home, it also opens up the doors to enabling them to complete part of their training through institutional programmes that fund student mobility to foreign universities.

It also puts students in contact with R&D centres, companies and institutions as well as with international research groups of renowned prestige.  Postgraduate students have the chance to do internships in companies through the over 800 agreements signed with R&D&i centres, institutions and enterprises in the private sector and can take advantage of fellowship calls and grants of the university itself and of other institutions.