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Double Degree: Civil Engineering and Building Engineering

The buildings and infrastructures that surround us condition our way of life. To improve our habitat by incorporating sustainability, energy efficiency and safety criteria, experts in the field of construction are needed.

The planning and sustainable management of cities and their services (transport, supply and sanitation...), the defense of coasts and rivers, as well as the execution and operation of infrastructures are the most common activities of civil engineering.

On the other hand, technical architecture focuses on the technical aspects of building, especially in the execution of projects (safety and risk prevention, quality control of materials, construction management, technical and economic control...) as well as in the management of the useful life of buildings, including their maintenance, rehabilitation and restoration.

The Double Degree in Civil Engineering and Technical Architecture provides you with the necessary training to exercise your professional work in any of the two areas and to comprehensively address all aspects related to construction, both in building and in public works, both being strategic sectors for the development of an advanced society.


FIRST YEAR 66 credits

Fall semester

Spring semester

History of Construction (6 ECTS)

Algebra and Geometry (6 ECTS)
Computer Science (6 ECTS)

Graphic Expression I (6 ECTS)

Chemistry (6 ECTS)

Geology (7,5 ECTS)


Business Organization (6 ECTS)


Calculus  (12 ECTS)

Fundamentals of Physics of Engineering  (10,5 ECTS)

SECOND YEAR 76,5 credits

Fall semester Spring semester

Materials Science (6 ECTS)

Fluid and Hydraulic Mechanics (6 ECTS)

Geotechnical Engineering (6 ECTS)

Construction Procedures (6 ECTS)

Surface and Groundwater Hidrology (6 ECTS)

Topography (CPC*) (6 ECTS)

Electrical Technology (6 ECTS)

Facilities I (6 ECTS)


Theory of Structures  (12 ECTS)

Graphic Expression I (9 ECTS)

Construcction I (7,5 ECTS)

THIRD YEAR 72 credits

Fall semester

Spring semester

Sewerage and Water Supplies (CPC*) (6 ECTS)

Environmental Engineering(CPC*) (6 ECTS)

Technology of Structures I (6 ECTS)

Urban Services (6 ECTS)

Graphyc Expression II (6 ECTS)

Technology of Structures II (6 ECTS)

Materials II (9 ECTS)

Urban Planning & Zoning (6 ECTS)

Transport Infrastructure  (12 ECTS)

FOURTH YEAR 72 credits

Fall semester Spring semester

Maritime Ports and Works (6 ECTS)

Facilities II( 6 ECTS)

Building Construction (6 ECTS)

Law (6ECTS)

Transport Network Planning Methods  (CPC*) (6 ECTS)

Graphyc Expression III (6 ECTS)

Civil Engineering Projects (CPC*) (6 ECTS)

Urban Planning Management (6 ECTS)

Security and Legislation (CPC*) (6 ECTS)

Technical Projects (6 ECTS)

Urban Planning and Zoning (CPC*) (6 ECTS)  
Trasnport Planning, Management & Logistics  (annual) (6 ECTS)

FIFTH YEAR 69 credits

Construction III (9 ECTS)

Measurements and Budgets  (9 ECTS)

Fall semester

Spring semester

Introduction to Prevention, Health & Safety in the Workplace (6 ECTS)


Building Quality (6 ECTS)

Construction IV (9 ECTS)

Expert Appraisal & Valuation (6 ECTS)

FINAL YEAR PROYECT Civil Engineering (12 ECTS)

FINAL YEAR PROYECT Building Engineering (12 ECTS)


* CPC*: the course is worked on through a Collaborative Project with a Company.