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Security and prevention

Emergency plan

What to do in an emergency

In the event of a general alarm, all persons must leave the in an orderly manner following the guidelines below:

  • Stay calm and don't run.
  • Exit the building by the nearest evacuation stairway.
  • The four staircases are called LABORATORIES, OFFICES, BAR and MAIN. All the doors on the ground floor open automatically when the alarm is activated.
  • If we are in classrooms or laboratories we will follow the instructions of the teacher or the person responsible for the service, trying to remain silent so that their orders can be heard.
  • When going down the stairs, go near the wall, leaving the space inside free.
  • Do not use the lifts under any circumstances.
  • Do not go back or stop to pick up personal belongings.
  • If someone is in difficulty because he or she is injured or has a disability, help him or her.

Meeting Point

After the eviction, all the people must gather at the meeting point (Julio Caro Baroja square, the Lukas square), and check if the people who were next to them are outside. If you are sure that someone is missing, inform a teacher or the staff of the School.