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V National Congress of the Spanish Biosafety Association

When and where

29/09/2021, 00:00 - 00:00


Dear professionals:

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the V National Congress of the Spanish Biosafety Association, we want to welcome you to our biannual congress, which, on this occasion, will take place in Pontevedra between September 29th and 30th and October 1, 2021 .

The field of Biosafety has been revealed throughout history as a field of vital importance for the preservation of the individual and collective health of all populations. Throughout these, so far, turbulent years 2020 and 2021, we have been able to verify how the advance of globalization contributes to the rapid transmission and dispersal of biological agents, after an outbreak of disease anywhere on the planet. The recent crisis caused by SARS-Cov-2 has forced us to establish, in a sort of race against time, guidelines and criteria for biological containment, as well as contingency plans in many areas: labor, hospital, pharmaceutical, researcher, etc. .... highlighting the importance of sharing valuable and trustworthy knowledge among professionals responsible for setting standards at different levels. This event is constituted as a magnificent forum to learn and discuss professional and vital experiences in relation to guidelines, techniques and procedures, which will undoubtedly allow a better application of the necessary biosafety measures in each of our centers and a greater preparation of professionals in the face of new challenges and threats that may occur in the future.

With this objective, we have drawn up a scientific program in which we try to encompass all the news in the field of biosafety and biocontainment, in a unique environment, such as the city of Pontevedra. On the other hand, we have organized a pre-congress day with training workshops on the island of San Simón, which we hope will be to everyone's liking and the perfect combination between landscape and theme, so that all of you will keep a beautiful memory of your visit to the unique Rías Baixas, not only scientifically, but also culturally and gastronomically.


Scientific and Organizing Committee