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General details of the subject

Face-to-face degree course

Description and contextualization of the subject

Principles of neuroanatomy; Functional neuroanatomy; Neuroanatomy of central nervous system diseases

Teaching staff

NameInstitutionCategoryDoctorTeaching profileAreaE-mail
GRANDES MORENO, PEDRO ROLANDOUniversity of the Basque CountryProfesorado Catedratico De UniversidadDoctorNot bilingualHuman Anatomy and
REGUERO ACEBAL, LEIREUniversity of the Basque CountryProfesorado AgregadoDoctorBilingualHuman Anatomy and


CE4. Identificación de los sistemas y procesos en neuroanatomía.33.0 %
To know the morphological and functional relationships of the different systems of the brain.33.0 %
To understand the morphological bases of neurological and psychiatric diseases.34.0 %

Study types

TypeFace-to-face hoursNon face-to-face hoursTotal hours
Applied classroom-based groups101020
Applied computer-based groups102535

Assessment systems

NameMinimum weightingMaximum weighting
Practical tasks50.0 % 50.0 %
Presentations50.0 % 50.0 %


The principal aims of the course include:

¿ Describing the anatomical organization of the human central nervous system;

¿ Getting insight into the neural basis of cognition and behavior;

¿ Correlating structure and function of the main brain systems;

¿ Comprehending the morphological basis of brain diseases;

¿ Handling a systematic dissection of the human brain and spinal cord;

¿ Identifying the main brain structures in real human brains.


Compulsory materials

¿ Neuroscience. Exploring the Brain. 4th edition. Authors: Bear M, Connors B, Paradiso M. Publisher: LWW (2015)

¿ Clinical Neuroanatomy. Author: Waxman S. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional (2013)

¿ Principles of Neural Science (Kandel). 5th edition. Editors: Kandel ER, Schwartz JH, Jessell TM, Siegelbaum SA, Hudspeth AJ. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional (2012)

¿ Gray¿s Clinical Neuroanatomy. The Anatomical Basis for Clinical Neuroscience. Editors: Mancall EL, Brock DG. Publisher: Elsevier Saunders (2011)

¿ Atlas of the Human Brain. 3rd edition. Authors: Mai J, Paxinos G, Voss T. Publisher: Elsevier (2007)

¿ Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy. 2nd edition. Author: Hendelman WJ. Publisher: CRC Press (2006)

Basic bibliography

- Afifi AK, Bergman RA (2006) Neuroanatomía funcional. 2ª edición. Ed.: McGraw-Hill

- Frackowiak RSJ et al (2004) Human Brain Function. 2nd edition. Ed.: Elsevier

- Kandel ER et al. (2001).Principios de Neurociencia. 4ª edición. Ed.: McGraw-Hill

- Recent original articles and/or reviews will be provided to the students before the course

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