Nombre: COMPMECH Research Group
Acrónimo: COMPMECH

COMPMECH research group was created by some members of the Mechanical Engineering Department at University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in 2000. Their purpose was to work together in the field of Mechanisms, Machines, Robotics and Computational Mechanics. Since then, the group has developed several research projects in the field, attended numerous congresses and published multiple papers in renowned technical journals. It is one of the consolidated research groups of the Basque University System with the highest qualification (A).

Nowadays, the group is formed by 11 members: Alfonso Hernández, Enrique Amezua, Oscar Altuzarra, Charles Pinto, Víctor Petuya, Fran Campa, Erik Macho, Mónica Urízar, Javier Corral, Mikel Diez and Saioa Herrero. Additionally, an average of 5 more people form part of it, including scholarship holders and contracted research personnel. 

Our research activities are funded by institutional projects and contracts with companies. Collaborating with the industry enables the development of important projects and, in many cases, these projects end up with the design of a prototype of mechanical systems and even with patents.
Líneas de Investigación: Analysis of robot kinematics, Kinematic design of robots, Theories and methods in kinematics, Kinematics in parallel robots, reconfigurable robots, Kinematics of compliant mechanisms, and Parallel Continuum Robots. Parallel Robots for Medical Applications.
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Contacto: Nombre: Saioa Herrero Villalibre