1) Toxicology of nanomaterials, microplastics and other emerging pollutants (NANOTOX)

Keywords: metal and metal-bearing nanoparticles, carbon-based nanomaterials, graphene, nano and microplastics, emerging pollutants, legacy pollutants, Trojan horse effect, toxicity profiling, risk to environment and human health, reactivity and toxicity in vitro and in vivo, cell cultures, algae and aquatic invertebrates and vertebrates, alternative methods and animal models, adverse outcome pathways.

2) Reproduction and sex differentiation in aquatic organisms under environmental change (REPROCHANGE)

Keywords: sex differentiation, endocrine disruption, vitellogenin induction, metabolism of steroid hormones and CYP19 aromatase, alterations in gamete development, oocyte atresia, estrogen receptors, in vitro gene reporter assays.

3) Integrated assessment of ecosystem health and pollution in aquatic and soil systems (ECOHEALTH)

Keywords: Ecosystem health assessment, biomarkers, bioassays, sentinels for biomonitoring, coasts/estuaries/soils/sediments, climate crisis, oil spills and oil spill responses, biobanking.