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Ether and Modernity. The Recalcitrance of an Agonising Object in Physics and in Culture (Tailerra)

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Noiztik: 2017/03/30 Noiz arte: 2017/03/31


Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)


  • Irakaskuntza eta Ikerkuntzako Pertsonala


This is the third of a series of meetings (Oxford 2014, San Francisco 2015, San Sebastian 2017) to discuss the way an epistemic object like the ether was rejected, modified or maintained in the firs half of the twentieth century, and the later attempts to resuscitate it in contemporary physics.

Details about the workshop's aims and related Call for Papers my be found at the event's website: https://www.ehu.eus/en/web/etherandmodernity/home

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