Vape brands recommended for vape beginners

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Vape brands recommended for vape beginners

In this article, I would like to introduce recommended e-cigarette vape brands for beginners who would like to buy an e-cigarette but are not sure about the variety of e-cigarettes available.

I will tell you about them based on my own experience of actually smoking them, as well as considering the price so that beginners can easily afford them.


C-Tec is characterized by its "low price" and "no need to change liquid," making it an especially easy e-cigarette for beginners to get their hands on.

Even if you have already purchased other types of vape products, the price is so low (2,300 yen) that you may casually buy one more to try it out!

As I mentioned earlier, the C-Tec starter kit is quite inexpensive at 2,300 yen. The "Vitabon" product, which is similarly inexpensive and does not require a liquid change, has been the talk of the town, but the Vitabon is disposable and does not have a recharging function, so the C-Tec is by far the better priced. The C-Tec is a great price for e-cigarette beginners!

When I told you that you don't need to change the liquid, I meant "no need to transfer the liquid form". (Just turn it off and put it back on.) The liquid is already in the cartridge.

The liquid is already included in the cartridge, so even beginners who have never changed the liquid can easily change the flavor.

If you are a beginner and don't know if you need an e-cigarette or not, and want to get one as cheaply as possible, or if you want a type that is as easy as possible to change the liquid, I highly recommend this!

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend this e-cigarette as an introduction to other e-cigarettes.


Many people want to purchase their first e-cigarette at the lowest possible price to get a feel for what it feels like.

FLEVO is definitely recommended for beginners who want to try e-cigarettes at a low cost!

The price is extraordinary, and I personally think it is worth a try since it is available for less than 1,000 yen. And as you can see from the picture, the size is about the same as a regular cigarette, making it convenient to carry around!

I personally think it is quite an advantage not only because of the low price, but also because it is easy to use. When I was a beginner, I smoked vape X6 and pipe-type e-cigarettes, but the hassle of changing liquid and the size of the pipe made it a chore to carry them around for a while.

However, with this FLEVO, the size is small, changing liquid is easy, and the price is low, making it a great product for beginners to start smoking e-cigarettes. LOL!

I want to enjoy e-cigarettes from now on! I really want those who want to enjoy e-cigarettes to experience various e-cigarettes until they find one they like, but FLEVO is also worth a try in terms of its low price!


I like the features, the size, the taste, and I highly recommend this product, but there is one drawback for e-cigarette beginners.

However, there is one drawback for e-cigarette beginners: the price is high compared to other e-cigarette brands.

The e-cigarettes introduced above cost around 5,000 yen for a starter kit, and some disposable ones are even cheaper, in the 1,000 to 3,000 yen range.

The Cloud17 is quite expensive at 12,800 yen.

If you are a beginner who has never smoked before, it would be good to try a slightly cheaper e-cigarette first to see what it is like.

However, if you are a beginner who says, "I'm willing to spend the money, so I don't want to miss out on my first e-cigarette! I would highly recommend this e-cigarette to beginners who are willing to spend a lot of money.


This e-cigarette has been out of stock for a long time from vape wholesale websites right after its release due to its popularity. Even after the restocking, they are still very popular! It is very popular because of its design, variety of colors, and low price.

They continue to sell well as always. Some colors are still out of stock. My personal impression after actually purchasing and using the product is that it has a very luxurious feel for the price.

I thought it would have a metallic black and sleek look, which is common in e-cigarettes, but it has a matte, moist texture and is very stylish. So-called metal-like e-cigarettes are cool, but this ONE is like a stylish e-cigarette.


In this article, we have introduced the recommended e-cigarette vape brands for beginners.

We know that the ideal e-cigarette is different for everyone, so we have recommended vape brands for each type of e-cigarette.

If you are interested in other types of e-cigarettes, please feel free to check out our past e-cigarette reviews. If so, please refer to our past e-cigarette comparison articles!