T4BSS (Technology for business, society and sustainability)

T4BSS (Technology for business, society and sustainability)

Logo T4BSS (Technology for business, society and sustainability)

The business world is in a continuous process of adaptation to the changes that are occurring at an ever increasing speed in its environment. Within these changes, the development of technological and management tools that are appearing on the market generate a multitude of opportunities and threats for companies. Moreover, these tools play a fundamental role in the influence that companies exert on the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social.

The lines of research focus on rigorously analysing, developing and disseminating ideas, and generating proposals for innovation at both the technological and management levels, contributing to the solution of the social, economic, scientific and technological problems of the 21st century company. Specifically, the following are the priority lines:

1. TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT. Technology management for business R&D&I.

This line of work studies the technologies that drive R&D activities in business and society. Technological intelligence and strategy tools are developed with a quantitative base and scientific-technological data through the application of text mining techniques that detect emerging technologies and generate research agendas that support the intelligent management of technology in the company.

2. MANAGEMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATIONS. Technology for society and business.

Since the beginning of Industry 4.0, the synchronisation between humans and technology has brought about a radical change in industrial organisation and competitiveness. Organisations are being transformed by the introduction of advanced information technologies, the Internet of Things, robots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, not primarily for economic advantage but for the benefit and convenience of every citizen.

While the main concern of Industry 4.0 is automation, Industry 5.0 will be a synergy between humans and automated machines. This line of research focuses on the study of industrial evolution and the future of work where collaboration with efficient, intelligent and precise machines leads to a transformation in organisations and society.

3.SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT. Business models and innovative proposals for sustainable business and social development.

Society 5.0 seeks to balance economic development with the resolution of social and environmental problems. In order to achieve these objectives, business management and technological development must complement each other in companies to improve these three pillars of sustainability. The transformation of industry and society must increasingly incorporate objectives related to optimising the efficiency of resource management, reducing emissions and waste, as well as policies and management systems that incorporate social aspects to a greater extent. On this path, both institutions and companies must assume a leading position in the integration of models of coexistence and production that enable the development of a more sustainable society.

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