Instituto de Euskara
Universidad del PaísVasco (UPV/EHU)

Esther Torrego is an Ikerbasque Research Professor  since 2012. Previously, she has been Professor of Linguistics at the Department of Hispanic Studies at UMass Boston, and director of its undergraduate Linguistics Program. She has held numerous invited teaching positions, including at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Linguistic Society of America, Summer Institute (2005), at the Université Paris 7–Denis Diderot (2004), at the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset (1989-2007), at the Universidad Rovira i Virgili (1998), at the Linguistic International Summer Institute, Girona (1993), at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU (1983, 1987, 1989, 2010), and at El Colegio de Mexico (1981-1983).

Research interests

Her research interests stem from the study of the human language faculty. She has worked on various topics of syntactic theory (especially case-theory), micro-variation of the Romance languages, Spanish syntax, and has recently expanded her research interests to the grammars of the ergative system.

Selected Publications

Torrego, E. (with Gema Chocano). (in press). Quantifier-float. In  M. Everaert & H. van Riemsdijk (eds), The Companion to Syntax, 2nd edition, Wiley-Blackwell. (Preprinted version)

Torrego, E.; Laka, I. (2015) The syntax of φ-features: Agreement with plural DPs in Basque and Spanish. In Fernández, B. & Salaburu, P. (Eds.). Ibon Sarasola, Gorazarre. Homenatge, Homenaje. Bilbao: UPV/EHU, 633-646.

índice Torrego E. (ed.) (2012). Of Grammar, Words, and Verses. Language Faculty and Beyond Series, Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Co. ISSN: 1877-6531.

Torrego, E. (2012). The unaccusative case pattern of Hindi and auxiliary be. Accounting for Ergativity (Special Issue). In I. Laka & B. Fernández (Eds). Lingua, 122, (03) SI, 215-224. ISSN: 0024-3841.

Torrego, E. (2011). Uttering trees. (Review). Language. Vol. 87, Number 1, pp. 224-227.

Torrego, E., Pesetsky, D. (2011). Case. In C. Boeckx (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Minimalism, pp.52-72. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (pdf)

Torrego, E. (2010). Variability in the Case Patterns of Causative Formation in Romance and Its Implications. Linguistic Inquiry, Vol 41:3, pp. 445-470  (Journal version)

Torrego, E., Pesetsky, D. (2006). Probes, Goals and Syntactic Categories. (pdf)

Torrego, E., Pesetsky, D. (2004). The Syntax of Valuation and the Interpretability of Features. (pdf)

Torrego, E., Pesetsky, D. (2004). Tense, Case and the Nature of Syntactic Categories (Book chapter version)

torrego Torrego, E. (2004). Las Dependecias de los Objetos. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. ISBN: 8477748845.

“Preface to Noam Chomsky’s Egitura sintaktikoak ” (Syntactic Structures) (2003)

“Aspect in the Prepositional System of Romance” (2002) (pdf)

“T-to-C Movement: Causes and Consequences” (2000) (pdf)

Torrego, E. (1998). The Dependencies of Objects. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“On Quantifier Floating in Control Clauses” (1996) (pdf)

Torrego, E. (1984). On Inversion in Spanish and Some of its Effects. Linguistic Inquiry Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 103-129 (pdf)

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