Centro de Investigación Micaela Portilla Ikergunea, 3.2 office
Justo Vélez de Elorriaga Street, 1
01006 Vitoria-Gasteiz

I am a third-grade student of the Basque Studies degree at UPV/EHU (2019-currently).  I have always shown interest in two things: music and languages and I have studied both since I was little. I have shown great interest in Basque since I was in school and I have always wanted to know more about that language. That is why I decided to study this degree.

As far as I can, I have read and researched on my own about human anatomy and biology. That’s why, when I discovered these voluntary internships, I decided to sing up so I could learn more about the brain and the language processing. This course, thanks to the Ikasiker [IkasC_2021_1_0195] Research Fellowship I work with the research group La Mente Bilingüe/Gogo Elebiduna directed by Itziar Laka. Under the direction of Kepa Erdozia, I have the opportunity to investigate the relationship between lexical and syntactic co-activation in second language learning.

Among my hobbies I would highlight traveling and being able to know their culture: knowing new languages, music, and so on. Learn everything I can.



Psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, processing of semantic and syntactic structures.



  • Currently, studying the Degree in Basque Studies, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).
  • 2019, Intermediate Grade of Percussion, Municipal Music Conservatory of Barakaldo.
  • 2014, Intermediate Grade of Piano, Municipal Music Conservatory of Barakaldo.



  • Ikasiker Research Fellowship (2021-2022) [IkasC_2021_1_0195]

Institution: Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Basque Government (GV / EJ)



  • Basque: mother tongue
  • Spanish: mother tongue
  • English: B2
  • Deutsch: A2-B1
  • French: A1-A2

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