Sustainability Congress

The Organizing Committee of AIEC2023 is working to ensure that this conference is respectful of the principles of sustainable development and of Agenda 2030.

In order to help meet this goal, we have introduced a variety of initiatives concentrated on six axes (mobility, energy, water, shopping, facilities and wastes) at different stages of the event (design and planning, organization, celebration and monitoring, dismantling and closure):

  • Promotion of gender equality in the selection of the speakers and members of the committee
  • Celebration of the event in a place integrated into the public transport network and with energy-saving and energy efficiency measures.
  • Promotion of transport on non-motorized transport means and/or ‘Eco’ or ‘zero emission’ vehicles
  • Prevention of waste generation.
  • Use of recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Encouragement of biodiversity and  local environmental richness
  • Engagement of a catering with environmental and social criteria.

Sustainable catering

The liquid containers are made of white cellulose and Kraft, and with an inner coating of PLA (maize polymer) and 100% compostable material.

The ecological cutlery, are made of plastic-like material, CPLA or RCPLA, which are 100% biodegradable because they are made of plant products:

  • All spoons, forks and knives are recycled corn starch polymer (RCPLA), so it is 100% compostable and accepts temperatures up to 85ºC.
  • Napkins and food bags are Kraft paper, 100% recycled.
  • We only use crockery and glass because everything is reused and does not generate plastic waste.
  • We use specific dustbins to collect all product (everything is compostable) and bring them to their corresponding containers. Bags are also compostable.