NECS 2021 Palermo/virtual June 8, 2021 – documentary workgroup meeting

In the documentary workgroup meeting at NECS 2021, our members have presented:

  • Their recent publications, such as Documentary Film Festivals Vol.1 and Vol.2, Territorio y memoria sin fronteras nuevas estrategias para pensar lo real and Kedi. A Docalogue. See all here.
  • Their research projects, on feminist/women documentary in Spain, History of German documentary and documentaries about Syrian migration, among others. See all here.
  • Other news and calls:
    • Maria Luna has been appointed artistic director of the documentary festival MIBDO in Bogotá. Congratulations!
    • Residence for critique/research by festivals Márgenes and DocLisboa. More info here.
    • Encounter of documentary researchers in Mexico (in Spanish). Encuentro internacional REDOC.


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