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ONGOING RESEARCH PROJECTS presented at the NECS documentary workgroup meeting:

Projects presented at the NECS 2021 Documentary workgroup meeting (June 8th, 2021).

  • “Articulaciones del género en el documental español contemporáneo: una perspectiva interseccional” (about feminist/women documentary in Spain), presented by Elena Oroz (Principal Investigator: Laia Quilez Esteve, Univeritat Rovira i Virgili, funded by the Spanish Government: Plan Nacional I+D del Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Ref. PGC2018-097966-B-I00):
  • Mobility cinema Archive:
  • Dokumentarfilmgeschichte. Forschungsplattform zum dokumentarischen Film in Deutschland. (History of German documentary film), presented by Dr. Thomas Weber, Universität Hamburg.:
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  • PhD project by Justine Pignato. Doctorante / PhD candidate, Département de communication / Department of communication, Université de Montréal. (Im)mobilities and migrations in Bidayyat’s documentary cinema (2011-): Changes in the documentary infrastructure through the conjuncture of the “Syrian migration crisis”.

More projects by NECS2021 participants:


Other projects:

I-docs, VR:

Polyphonic Documentary project, led by Judith Aston and Stefano Odorico:

Virtual Realities Immersive Documentary Encounters:


Documentary films by scholars:

David Archivald’s recent films:

Drifting with Debord (Archibald and Lavery, 2020) is a short film in which academics get dressed up as Glam Rock stars and debate the legacy of Guy Debord – trailer:

Comrades Together Apart (Arauna and Archibald, 2021) is a short filmed presentation by Nuria Arauna (Tarragona) and David Archival to be presented at the Screen conference. It riffs off Karen Barad’s notion of ‘Cutting Together Apart’. It is shot on phones, utilises a Poor Cinema aesthetic and explores current debates on decolonising the academy.