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  • 19.02.2024. FILM FORUM. "La ventana indiscreta". Dir.: Alfred Hitchcock. 1954. USA. 6:00 p.m. Guest: Patxi Urkijo. Free entry until compete seats. 
  • 22.02.2024. III CONGRESS Euskadi Against Cancer for people with cancer and their families. Info+
  • 10.02.2024. EHUazoka: University Orientation Fair. Info+
  • 05/29.02.2024. EXHIBITION. MIKEL LABOA ...izan liteke konstelazio, izan gabe izar...Info+




  • 24.02.2024.  (work delivery time). UNIKOAK MUSIC DEMO COMPETITION Demo contest for the election of the representative of the UPV/EHU for the Interuniversity Music Festival 2023. In order to choose the person or group representing the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in the VII. G9 musical competition this call is published. Info+
  • 25.11.2023/20.04.2024. SORMEN OLA. Loraldia Gaztea!. Cultural transmission workshops for young people. Info+ 
  • January-March 2024. CINEMA AND SCIENCE. Info+