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Doctoral Programme in Physics of Nanostructures and Advanced Materials

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Presentación - Física Nanoestructuras


Doctoral Programme in Physics of Nanoestructures and Advanced Materials (PNAM) is highly interdisciplinary and primarily related to Condensed Matter and Applied Physics as well as to Material Science, with emphasis on their relationship with Nanoscience. This makes the doctoral programme well suited for students with qualifications in areas of Physics, Chemistry and Material Science/Engineering.

This PhD program will provide the student with the tools to develop a research work in a highly qualified and international environment.

The PhD program is organized by the Material Physics and the Applied Physics departments of the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU), in close collaboration with the Material Physics Center, a joint centre between the UPV/EHU and the Spanish Council of Scientific Research (CSIC). Also the CIC nanGUNE Cooperative Research Centre and the Donostia International Physics Centre (DIPC) are two top-level research institutions strongly involved in the PhD program.


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Ficha de Grado

Part-time studies

Duration: 5 - 8 courses

Places available: 2

Approximate fees: 219 €/academic year

Ficha de Grado

Full-time studies

Duration: 3 - 5 courses

Places available: 38

Approximate fees: 301 €/academic year


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Research teams and research topics

Research teams and research topics
Research teamsResearch topics
  • Foundations of Time-dependent Density Functional Theory
  • Photovoltaics
  • Biophysics
  • Bulk Systems and Surfaces
  • Computational methods
  • Electronic states of nanostructured crystalline surfaces
  • Foundations of Many-Body Theory
  • Magnetism of self-organized nanosystems
  • Microscopic and spectroscopic analysis of functional solid interfaces
  • Molecular Transport
  • Nanostructures and nanotubes
  • Phonons and vibrational properties
  • Physics-chemistry of molecule/surface systems
  • Quantum Monte Carlo
  • Shaping and polishing of curved crystals
PSMG - Polymers and Soft Material group
  • Complex dynamics in glass-forming liquids
  • Dynamics of polymers on different spatial and temporal scales
  • Nano-structured systems: kinetics of self-assembly
  • Nano-structured systems: structure and dynamics
  • Two-component miscible systems
  • Water in polymers and biological systems
heoretical Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of Nanostructures
  • Photonics
  • Physics-chemistry of molecule/surface systems