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The academic commission will assess the doctoral student annually, on the basis of the Research Plan and the Activities Document. The aforementioned documents must be provided through the GAUR application, as specified in the corresponding manuals.

The assessment will be carried out on the specific dates set in the official schedule and pursuant to the Doctoral School regulations on doctoral programme assessment. These regulations include information regarding how to appeal against a negative assessment. As indicated in the regulations, said appeal may be brought in the first instance before the Academic Commission itself, and in the second instance, it may be brought before the Doctoral School (DocS). Both appeals must use the official forms available in the regulations.

In any case, the doctoral students can always check the result of their assessment, as can their directors, through the GAUR application, as indicated in the corresponding manuals.

Continuation in a doctorate programme

Pursuant to article 11.7 of Royal Decree 99/2011, a positive annual evaluation by the Academic Commission of the Doctorate Programme, both of the Research Plan and of the Activities Document, along with the reports that the Tutor and Doctoral Thesis Supervisor must issue in the GAUR application, is an essential requirement to continue with the programme.

Once the evaluation period established by the Academic Commissions has come to an end, and in accordance with the registration calendar established by the Post-Graduate Commission, the issuance of the second registration for all evaluated students shall be processed.

In the event of a negative evaluation, which must be duly justified, the doctorate student must be once again evaluated within six months, to which end the student must prepare a new research plan. In the event that a negative evaluation is once again handed down, the doctorate student shall be definitively removed from the programme.

Research Plan

Before the end of the first year, together with your director, you must prepare a Research Plan, which will include, at least, the methodology to be used and the objectives to be achieved, as well as the resources and the scheduling of the research. It should also include a schedule for the training activities to be performed during the doctoral training.

The research plan must be uploaded onto the GAUR computer application in PDF format. It can be modified throughout the realisation of the thesis.
The research plan is one element which is analysed by the academic committee during the annual evaluation of the doctoral student.

Please bear in mind that you will not be able to modify the plan during the evaluation.

Activity document

This is an individual document which records all the activities you have performed during the doctorate and which are relevant to your research training.

The document is generated annually as the doctoral student uploads completed activities to the GAUR application. In addition, the certificates for each activity must also be uploaded to GAUR. The activity document may be amended and updated at any time during the course of the doctoral programme, except for during the annual evaluation periods.

The tutor and director must review and (as appropriate) approve all the activities included in the activity document within the period established by the official evaluation calendar.

Once the activities have been evaluated (approval in GAUR) by the tutor and director, they can no longer be amended unless the tutor and director remove their approval in GAUR.

The activity document is one of the documents examined by the academic committee for the programme during the annual evaluation of each doctoral student. Under no circumstances can training activities be amended following evaluation by the academic committee of the doctoral programme.

During defence of the thesis, the evaluation board will have both a copy of the thesis and the activity document.