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Practicas - Estrategias Científicas


The SCAHL doctoral programme does not offer any specific internships, but it does agree to study any individual proposals put forward by the students, providing they have been approved by their tutor. These internships can be:

  • On a specific subject, within the lines of research, to be carried out at a company or public institution, under the terms of a specific agreement.
  • Called by a body other than the UPV/EHU (Research Centres, Confebask, Erasmus+, etc.), to which the doctoral degree students may submit their application and get funding. In these cases, at the tutor's request, the Academic Commission will analyse and decide if said application should be approved or not.
  • Carried out within the framework of INGURUDOK, the Workshops and Conferences for PhD candidates in Environmental Sustainability, for the SCAHL, MER and CTA doctoral programmes.